NFT Statement
We are able to recreate a wallet's entire transaction history, segregate the transaction involving NFTs (be it ERC721 or ERC1155 on ETH or SPL tokens on SOL), and consolidate the data in a concise yet easy-to-examine format.
The statement covers all mint, transfer, and sale transactions in which the wallet is involved, with a filter for any custom date range using the calendar.


  • Total Spends - Money spent on minting and buying NFTs
  • Total Revenue - Money earned from selling NFTs
  • Inventory Count - #NFTs currently in the wallet
Users can even view the above data points without marketplace fees, without gas fees.
Portfolio status of all closed positions can be examined by toggling on the Only Complete Trades toggle


  • Native (default) - The statement is in the ETH for Ethereum wallet and SOL for Solana wallet
  • USD - The statement is converted to dollars($) where the exchange rate for each transaction is the rate pertaining to the time of the transaction's timestamp.
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