The wallet's entire current NFT inventory is displayed here. We club the NFTs of a collection together in the initial view for better analysis but you can move around the page and change to different views.
This page contains elaborate data points right from the floor and market cap of the collections to the acquisition price of the NFT for you to understand and manage the inventory easily and efficiently.


  • For NFT:
    • NFT image & name
    • Acquisition price
    • Max Trait floor - Maximum of the floor of each trait. Trait floor is the lowest price at which an NFT with that trait type and value is available for sale.
    • Trait name & value with the max floor
    • Acquisition type & date- was the NFT minted, bought, or received
  • For NFTs of the same collection:
    • #NFTs in the inventory
    • #Transactions of NFTs bought or minted of this collection
    • #Transactions of NFTs sold
    • Total spend on this collection
    • Total revenue
    • Collection Floor price and last 24hr change (if available)
    • Collection Market Cap
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