Here, you can filter the NFTs of a specific collection based on their rarity and traits. The filtering section is extremely detailed to provide the entire scope of functionalities required.
There are two views that can be toggled to :
  • Cards view (default): NFTs are displayed as cards
  • Table view: Data is visible in tabular format for faster readability


We provide you the Marketplace link where the NFT is listed for easier navigation.
For Solana: Listed price is available for Magic Eden and Listing links are available for Solsea, Solanart, Magic Eden, Solport,,, Digital Eyes, Metaplex Auction House, Bridgesplit
For Ethereum: Listed price and links are available for Opensea
  • Listed Price: Customize the listing price range for the listed NFTs in the collection
  • Rank: Limit the rank of the selection between a minimum and maximum value
  • Trait Types & values: Split the entire collection based on any one or multiple trait types & values


  • Listed Price vs Rank