Mint Data

This section takes you back in time and reveals data from the minting period of the collection. Dive into the mint analysis of the collection and get a closer look into the mint performance.


Time interval:
  • 1 hour for the last 24 hours data
  • 1 day for all <=90 days date range
  • 1 week for >90 days date range.
Data is only available for the mint period here
  • Unique & Whale Minters - #Unique & whale wallets minting NFTs during the minting period
  • Mints - #NFTs minted at a specific point in time during the minting period
  • Minters Also Owned - Top NFTs held by the minters at the time of mint


  • Minter's Profile - Top minters based on the # NFTs minted of this collection and their total mint spends.
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