The only NFT tool required to keep you ahead of others.
The NFT space has been a mystic void while the blockchain is a gold mine of information that, if indexed and processed accurately could do wonders in demystifying this space. This very idea was strong enough to bring us all together and out of our need to understand the NFT ecosystem, NFTicker was born.
NFTicker was founded by a team of passionate builders and has been bootstrapped ever since.
The beta version of NFTicker is available now which is free for everyone to use and experience here. Also, please join our discord to share your feedback and suggestions which will help us improve the product and better serve your needs.
Review our features below for a more elaborate understanding of the product and our offerings. Each section of the product has been carefully crafted to fulfill every requirement og everyone coming into the NFT space. We currently support Ethereum and Solana.

Explore Collections

1. Overview

Treat yourself to an executive summary of the collection.

2. Charts

Everything you need to know about the historical market trends of the collection.
A detailed section that is dedicated to the current holders of the NFTs.
Snapshot metrics around the mint period of the collection to understand the inception of the NFTs.

5. Social

Twitter and Discord data for deeper insights into the community of the collection.
The entire lifecycle of every on-chain transaction of the collection.

7. Rarity

Slice and dice the entire collection based on our satistical rankings and head over to the marketplace listing to seal the deals.

Wallet Portfolio

Get the entire NFT statement for your or any wallet on the blockchain.
While looking at a wallet's statement, why not check out its current NFT holding.